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We've all been there: money is a bit tight, you need a trim or a freshen up of your look - but instead of waiting until you can afford to book an appointment at the most popular salon in town, you swing by Supercuts and hope for the best. I spent many years on a budget and didn't quite understand why anyone would chuck fifty quid at a hairstyle, particularly when you could get one for a fraction of that amount. Cutting hair is cutting hair, right? How wrong can you go? The answer is very, and the proof is below. I would put money on the fact that almost every one of us has experienced a bad haircut at some point during our lives, whether that's a salon completely getting the wrong idea about what you requested, chopping off too much, adding layers when you specifically asked for none, dying your hair a funny colour or (even worse) slicing your ear with a pair of scissors. I like to put it down to experience, but that doesn't make it ok. It's about time we stopped accepting bad haircuts and disastrous salon appointments as just part and parcel of what we have to go through en route to our ideal style - and here's a little story to explain why

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